IUI – How many sperm do you need?

Pregnant On Bed Rest: How to Maintain Intimacy With Your Partner

On bed rest and told by your care provider that sex is a big no-no? Learn why it may be risky, what questions to ask, what options you have, and what you and your partner can do about it.

Labor and Birth: 5 Tips to Make Labor and Delivery Easier

Still not sold on how all-important childbirth classes are? Have questions about labor pain management? Here are several vital tips for a safe and healthy labor and birth that come straight from the classes that you should be taking

Finding Tankini Style Maternity Swimwear

Finding the right style of maternity swimwear for one’s body and one’s needs is important, because the right swimsuit will make one look and feel amazing. Tankini maternity swimwear is a favorite design of many expectant mothers, as it provides a bit of extra coverage while still having the feel and look of a two-piece. If a tankini is for you, there are several tips to keep in mind when finding the perfect one, as well as several well-known maternity brands that have excellent maternity tankini swimwear options.

Selecting The Most Appropriate Maternity Support Pillow

A pregnant female needs a great amount of rest, and along with that there comes the need for support. As the baby develops in the womb, the mom really should get enough rest, and also have the ability to have support for her body that will have some significant stress points to take care of. Ensuring that this is handled correctly is important for you to get through having a baby.

Guidance on Giving Birth to a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl

How to determine the gender of your fetus? There is increasingly more guidance on the sexual intercourse for determining the gender of the fetus, and their basic concepts are: X chromosome determines the gender of a female and Y chromosome determines the gender of a male; and if you can create conditions to choose the chromosome you need, you will get what you want! Solely from the view point of statistics, these new discoveries have certain directive significance, but their scientificity is still to be verified by a systematic, overall study on large sample: The younger…

Pay Attention to Details of Daily Life to Help You Get Pregnant

Nowadays, the infertility percentage is increasing year by year because of bad living habits, work pressure and environmental pollution. Personal habits are very important to pregnant with a healthy baby. Let’s now look at the details in daily life to help you get pregnant with a health baby.

Pregnancy and Low Back Pain: Tips to Ease Your Pain

Low back pain in pregnancy can make 9 months seem like 9 years-you don’t have to be a victim! Take charge of your pain management today, understand what is causing this pain, and find out how you can combat it!

How to Prepare Your Relationship for a New Baby

As expectant parents, it’s completely normal to worry about what will happen to your relationship once you transition into being new parents. Combat any possible obstacles by following these tips that outline sure-fire ways to plan in advance!

5 Things to Know Before Bringing Baby Home

Planning out the birth of your first baby to perfection is a wonderful intention, but there’s more to consider than you might think. When it comes to bringing baby home, the most important thing to remember is to be flexible and get ready for that baby to “rock your world as you know it!” Check out this informative article, pieced together from real-life new mom experiences to make the transition easier for you!

Tips For Buying a Good Nursing Bra

During pregnancy, you’re going to find that nursing bras are your new best friend. Don’t believe me? Think that just going up a size with your regular bra will be good enough? Take a gander at this article and let me show you what you’d be missing!

Practical Ways to Improve Your Fertility

Children are a blessing and every couple simply craves for having even just one baby. If you are having problems conceiving, may the practical tips you will find in this article be of help to you and your partner. They do not guarantee that you will conceive overnight, but they sure will improve your chances.

Breast Pump Insurance Coverage Changes

Concern over a possible breast pump shortage. With all the changes due to the Affordable Care Act, breast pumps are now being covered by insurance. This has brought concern that there might be a breast pump shortage looming.

The Best Time To Take An Early Pregnancy Test

When women at childbearing age are reminded of being pregnant by morning sickness, they will go for early pregnancy test. So what is the best time to take an early pregnancy test? It is explained by experts that early pregnancy refers to the first month after a woman is pregnant.

What You Should Know About Natural Birth

Natural Birth is considered by most to be a drug free birth. How do you achieve this? What steps can you take to be successful? What are your options when it comes to giving birth so you avoid as many interventions as possible?

Selecting the Right Childbirth Classes for You

Childbirth classes teach parents what to expect, as well as how to cope with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, labor, and birth. These classes are excellent for quelling fears and helping parents to gather opinions regarding the type of birth experience they wish to have. Just as it is important to find the right care provider during pregnancy, it is also important to find a childbirth education class that fits one’s personal point of view regarding birth.

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