Does stress reduce the chances for IVF success?

Why Do You Need Specialized Shoes For Your Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a significant event in the lives of women. They undergo a lot of changes and evolution which is not just a physical phenomenon. Women have to think about their health and the health of the little one who is getting developed inside the body. Obviously, this phase is not all rosy and smooth for ladies.

Abortion Pill – What Is It All About?

An abortion pill is a great choice for many ladies. However, taking a decision to consume an abortion pill is a very personal and emotional one. You need to take it carefully so that it can help you stay fit and healthy even after the abortion. But before you select this method of abortion you should know everything about it. If there is anything that you are not able to understand then you can consider talking to your doctor or visiting a professional abortion clinic.

How to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Baby

Your firstborn has been the center of your attention for many months. Now that a new member of the family is about to arrive in your home, your toddler will need to share you with the new baby. He or she probably has a lot of questions as to why you’re bringing another baby in the house. You need to prepare your child for the big transition. Here are some ways to help your tot handle the situation.

Four Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga offers important benefits for mothers-to-be, both physically and mentally. Physically, practicing this form of exercise can help a mother increase her strength, balance, and flexibility, especially in the hip region. Mentally, yoga encourages its practitioners to find relaxation through breathing techniques. Let’s take a look at four specific benefits yoga offers.

Abortion Pill – Does It Terminate Unwanted Pregnancy?

Abortion is a process which is highly controversial due to a number of reasons. It stirs up a lot of powerful feelings from all sides and this is why people avoid talking about it most of the time. However, for a woman, the decision of undergoing an abortion is a very personal and emotional one. It is never quite a simple choice and therefore you need to talk to your doctor about it before you make the final decision. The easiest method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy is an abortion pill. It is a painless way that could help you get rid of your pregnancy.

10 Super Foods to Eat During Your Pregnancy

Not all foods are created equally. Some foods provide excellent benefits for expecting mothers. Since the nutrition requirements change for a mother-to-be from trimester to trimester, it’s important to know which foods pack the most punch. Here are 10 super foods you should be eating during your pregnancy and their benefits.

Olian Maternity And Clothes For Your Pregnancy

When shopping for clothing, well-made, fashionable, and comfortable are all words that come to mind. Shopping for maternity clothing is no different. One wants clothing that is easy and comfy to wear, while also being stylish. Olian Maternity is the perfect designer to meet all one’s maternity clothing needs. From nursing pajamas to comfy separates to gorgeous going-out dresses, Olian Maternity has something for every mother to be.

Abortion Clinics – Counseling The Patients

One of the major duties of an abortion clinic is to offer effective counseling services to the patients. As per the official data, 33 percent of women in the United States are going to have an abortion at a particular time period. The choice of getting an abortion done is a personal one however it can break down any girl. The trauma and depression associated with abortion clinics can really bring you down emotionally and so you should consider going for an abortion clinic which helps you come across some great counseling services.

Abortion Clinic – Know More About Early Surgical Abortions

Early pregnancy is a term which you must have surely heard about. A lot of women who face an early pregnancy need to think about their choices available in this regard so that they don’t have to face any inconvenience later on. Early abortion procedure is the one which takes place between 3.5 to 7 weeks of gestation.

Looking For Great Winter Maternity Swimwear

Swimming is a great form of exercise for pregnant women. With its many exercise benefits it is nice to enjoy it all year long, even in the winter. When expecting during the winter, and if one wants some swimming exercise, joining a health club with an indoor pool is a great option. Research some in one’s area, check out reviews online, and find the one that is best for one’s needs.

Pregnancy Week 24 Development: What To Expect And One Beneficial Food

Every week is such an exciting week for you and your baby. As weeks pass by, more and more changes are taking place to you and your baby’s body. Read this article to learn more information about the changes and developments which are about to take place this week.

Facts About Birth Control Pills

Birth control is a must in most modern societies. This means many couples, married or not, decide to protect themselves through different methods in order to delay or limit bringing children into this world.

Maintaining Good Health And Parenthood In Pregnancy

A mother has a belief about her child in the womb. There are some expectations of a mother. Sometimes there are reasons due to which the mother gets stressed, disappointed, and angry and so on.

Tubal Reversal Vs IVF – What Should You Choose?

For women, there are several sterilization options to choose from. These methods include surgical tubal ligation, and non-surgical Essure and Adiana systems. In tubal ligation surgery, a woman’s fallopian tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus are blocked off permanently to prevent pregnancy.

Learn What In Vitro Fertilization Is

Are you wondering what in vitro fertilization is? Well, it is the process through which a fully formed female egg, or ovum is removed and put in contact with male sperm, in order to be fertilized; one day later, the fertilized egg is introduced back in the uterus, where it attaches to its lining and starts growing into a fetus.

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