Do environmental toxins cause IVF failure?

Things You Should Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are life altering events for any couple. The birth of a baby is always a special thing to any woman. It brings many new things which you previously did not know.

The Creation Of A Family

You have your own image of what your life will be like when you reach a certain age. By this time, you saw you and your spouse with a large family, but it just has not happened yet. You went through a batch of medical tests, and it turns out that you and your partner have infertility issues that are preventing you from creating that family you have always wanted.

What’s A High Risk Pregnancy? Types, Risks and Precautions

Many factors can put women at risk for having a high risk pregnancy. Once your doctor has advised you that you are in a high risk category, various rules may need to be followed in order to protect your health and the health of the baby.

Does Testing To Determine Your Ovulation Time Influence Whether You Have A Boy Or Girl Baby?

I heard from someone who said: “I know that I need to take an ovulation test in order to find out when I am ovulating if I want to become pregnant this month. But does the test hurt anything? Does it delay or influence ovulation? Would it have any influence over the sex or gender of my baby?” I will try to address these concerns below.

New Rules for Pregnancy Nutrition

A new must-read for expecting moms is Bridget Swimney’s recent fourth edition of “Eating Expectantly.” Although the primary focus of the book is pregnancy nutrition, it also offers healthy lifestyle advice for the whole season of pregnancy, including pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. Lifestyle emphasis goes beyond diet to living in a cleaner, greener and safer environment for you and your baby. This includes discussion on exposure to cosmetic and household chemicals during pregnancy…

Great Maternity Swimwear Styles By Bikini Thief

Bikini Thief is a renowned designer in the swimwear world and has had their swimsuits worn by a multitude of celebrities. Their maternity swimwear line is equally stylish, fashionable, and comfortable and is a must-have for expectant mothers. From gorgeous prints to figure-flattering designs to a subtle sexiness, Bikini Thief is an excellent choice for expectant mothers who are in the market for a great maternity swimsuit.

Infertility Treatments – “In Vitro” Fertilization

With more and more women in western society postponing pregnancy, either for financial reasons or in order to pursue their career, the number of people seeking treatment for infertility is on the rise. One viable option for infertile couples is “in vitro” fertilization, or IVF. Here is a brief overview of the technique.

Assisted Hatching – What Is It and Is It a Worthwhile Treatment in IVF?

Assisted Hatching is a technique which is often offered or used in IVF treatment. What exactly is it and is it worthwhile?

Gorgeous Maternal America Maternity Swimwear

The gorgeous weather lately has set the mood for summer clothing, reminding us that truly warm weather is just around the corner. For mothers who are expecting during the summer months, a maternity swimsuit is an absolute must. Maternity swimwear can be a daunting subject for expectant women, as it brings up insecurities and concerns that many women harbor. However, it is important to remind oneself that one’s that ones’ baby bump is a beautiful and exciting thing, and that the right maternity swimwear will make one feel confident and look amazing. Maternal America is the swimwear designer to turn to for stylish and comfortable maternity swimsuit options. Their fashionable choices are right on trend yet also classic.

Positively Prego Maternity Swimwear

Summer is here and it is that dreaded time of year again… swimsuit shopping time! However, this year can be different than the rest. By doing your research ahead of time you can avoid those moments of overwhelming panic when you are just unsure what direction to go in. Being pregnant can seem daunting as one shops for swimwear, but it is actually a really exciting moment. There are several designers whose sole focus is maternity swimwear, ensuring that there are swimsuits that are designed especially with one’s beautiful baby bump in mind. Prego Maternity is one of those designers. Their designs are stylish, comfortable, and functional, and are designed with all the needs of expectant mothers in mind. So pretty and fashionable, you will want to wear their swimwear long after you have given birth!

Getting Pregnant With PCOS – It Is Possible

Can women with PCOS get pregnant? If you are suffering from PCOS, you may have asked yourself this question at some point. If you have PCOS, then your reproductive system is not functioning normally because PCOS affects your fertility and your ovulation.

Getting Pregnant With PCOS – What You Need To Know

If you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, then you may be wondering how to get pregnant with PCOS. Women who suffer from PCOS find it difficult to conceive and become pregnant. However, that does not mean that women with PCOS cannot get pregnant. It will just be difficult, but not impossible.

Getting Pregnant With PCOS – Tips To Help Conception

Some women can become pregnant quite easily. However, there are a small percentage of women all over the world who find it difficult and challenging to conceive. Women with PCOS belong to this second group.

The First Trimester and What To Expect

The first trimester of your pregnancy can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to expect. Morning sickness is just one of many things that you will start to experience during your pregnancy.

Choosing the Perfect Maternity Dress

This day and age, everyone thinks about fashion and the way that they look. This is even true during pregnancy. Sometimes, it is even more true for pregnant women.

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