Clomid success: What day should you start?

Tips to Make Weaning Your Child Easier

Weaning your child from breastfeeding can sometimes be a bit of a chore, especially if your child is older at the time of weaning, and has become used to the comfort and bond that forms with breastfeeding, more so than the nutritional value of the milk at meal times. If you choose to stop breastfeeding early, when your child is still very young, or if you have to because of health or work constraints, this can be sometimes be a bit easier on you and your child, as smaller babies tend to be easier to train onto alternative forms of eating.

When Is It Best to Stop Breastfeeding?

You as a mother will know the right time to stop breastfeeding your child, whether it is due to a medical decision, you going back to work, or it just being the right time for both you and your child. This is something that is your decision, or your decision with your doctor’s advice, and you will know what is best for your baby.

Why You Should Not Smoke While Breastfeeding

We all know that smoking is bad for anyone’s health. There have been many studies showing the adverse affects that smoking can have on people, not only those who are smoking themselves, but those affected by secondhand smoke as well. This is also very pertinent when speaking about secondhand smoking affecting babies, not only by being in the same room as the smoke, but also by a mother smoking while breastfeeding her child.

Spring Into Spring Maternity Swimwear

This spring brings us some fabulous styles of maternity swimwear. There are various styles that one can enjoy. Tankini styles that can be worn with either the strap tied round the neck, halter styles which have wider straps and offer more support, or the always popular but rather daring maternity bikini.

Pre-Pregnancy Checklist-Preparing for Pregnancy

A pre-pregnancy checklist is good for any couple preparing for a pregnancy because the chances of having a healthier pregnancy are higher than a couple who doesn’t plan for a pregnancy. There are so many pros to a planned pregnancy.

Best Sexual Tips to Conceive a Baby to Improve Chances

Men and women both look for the sexual positions and methods to conceive. Old wives tales tell us that certain positions produce male or female. Some people actually believe if they stand on their head to have sex, that they will conceive twins.

Does Having Rushed Intercourse Make A Girl Or Boy Baby More Likely?

I heard from someone who said: “my husband is an accountant and he has a client who has a special case that is demanding a lot of his time. Some nights, I do not even see him because I am already asleep when he comes home. With that said, I do not want to wait to get pregnant. So I am perfectly willing to accept a quickie when he gets home, as long as we are maximizing our chance to conceive. Does this make me more likely to conceive a girl or boy baby? Or does it matter? I really want a boy baby, but I don’t know if these conditions are going to be optimal for that.” I will try to address these concerns in the following article.

Doula Services

What Is A Doula? The ancient Greek defined the word Doula to mean “Women’s Servant” These were the women that helped the expecting family during labor, birth and immediately following the delivery of the new baby. Providing much needed physical and emotional support to the laboring woman.

How to Get Pregnant: Healthy Preconception Nutrition

Learning how to get pregnant is about more than reading facts about conception, fertility calculation and assisted reproductive techniques. Nutrition plays a huge role in preconception and pregnancy health and well-being.

Try These Natural Remedies When Dealing With Morning Sickness

Are you sick of morning sickness? Learn what causes it and try these proven all natural remedies to help you deal with morning sickness.

Preparing For Pregnancy: The Essential Guide

Pregnancy is a miraculous time in a woman’s life, where the possibilities are endless and the joy of bringing a child into the world is overwhelming. In order to ensure a healthy head start for baby, it is important to start preparing for pregnancy before it happens.

30 Things No One Ever Told You About Pregnancy

Oh, the joys of pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong-I know that I am BLESSED to be pregnant, and that I have had a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy so far. This baby is a blessing for sure… I just wish that someone had prepared me for the unexpected parts of pregnancy that no one ever talks about… unless it’s to another pregnant woman =) Now not ALL of these are mine… I asked some other pregnant friends about their experiences too. So… here are 30 things no one ever told you about pregnancy!

When and How To Cease Breastfeeding Your Child

We are all aware that there are many advantages to breastfeeding your child, from the emotional bond that you form, to the nutritional gains that mother’s milk offers along with antibodies. Breastfeeding your child is the most natural way to feed, and those mothers who are fortunate enough to be able to, and able to continue to do so into their child’s toddler years, will carry on that bond and the physically healthy boost that breast milk gives.

Trying to Conceive While Continuing to Breastfeed

Many women will still be breastfeeding a child and decide it is time to try to have another one while still continuing to breastfeed. There are advantages to having children close together in age, as they can share toys and interests, and you will have your children in a shorter time period, allowing you to go back to work, or your children to attend the same schools for a time, along with many more reasons.

The Impacts of Drinking Alcoholic Beverages While Breastfeeding

We all know it is never a good idea to drink alcoholic beverages while you are pregnant, as you and your baby share a bloodstream through the umbilical cord. Whatever you put in your body will go right to your baby, and there have been many studies that show that alcohol is very detrimental to a developing baby in so many ways.

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