Pregnant at 41 after 4 Miscarriages

Why Should You Focus on Having a Safe Abortion?

Why should women be careful when undergoing abortion? What are the things to keep in mind? Here is a look.

Things to Know About Abortion: Types and Symptoms

What are the different types of abortion? What are the symptoms related with abortion? Here is a look.

Fertility Evolution – Support Your Fertility and Motherhood With the Planets and Human Design

Let the planets and your beautiful Human Design support your fertility and motherhood this week. In this weekly report, I share how you can amplify your creative power in this way.

Fertility Evolution – This Fertility And Motherhood Activity Will Support You To Have A Baby

In this article, I share an activity that will support your amazing body and fertility. It will also be a great investment of energy that will enhance your experience of motherhood in lovely ways for you and your children.

Different Methods of Abortion Today

While women undergo abortions due to a number of reasons, medical science has ensured that undergoing abortion is easier than before. Here is a look at the phenomenon.

Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy is a hard stage. You aren’t who you were before.

Pregnancy and School

School. I was in college when I was pregnant with Angel. Again, I got many different reactions. There were a couple of guys who flirted with me because they figured I was ‘easy and safe’ – they couldn’t get me pregnant.

Pregnant But Not Alone

If you’re reading this, than chances are you’re feeling the pressure of being a social outcast because of a pregnancy or your status as a single parent. You feel the pressure of others not understanding your financial situation, your obligations to sick kids, your loss of your dreams, your uncertainty of where to turn.

The Difference Between Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Both gestational and traditional surrogacy offers a chance for families with fertility difficulties, single intended parents, and same-sex couples to have their own genetically related children. The differences between the two types of surrogacy will be discussed.

Popular Homemade Pregnancy Tests

It is not possible for a woman to visit a specialist every time she misses her periods to check whether she is pregnant or not. Also many times women feel shy or uncomfortable in visiting a chemist to purchase a pregnancy kit. They can take a test at home only without spending money on visiting the doctor and undergoing any kind of test.

Reasons Why Abortions Occur Today

Abortions have been prevalent for decades now. Here is an in-depth look at why abortions occur.

Pregnancy Trying to Conceive

During your pregnancy you are responsible for another life; therefore, it is important to know as much as possible about pregnancy. You’ll be more relaxed with your pregnancy with the tips featured in this article.

Food – It’s Impact on the Gender of Your Child

What you eat can affect the gender of your future child for a magnitude of reasons – however, all you really need to know, is that your body’s PH level is required to be at a certain level for conception of each gender (in order to have the highest odds of conception). If you wish to have a girl, you’ll need to focus on foods that will boost acidity in your body. This is because the sperm that carry the x chromosome necessary for the conception of a girl is bigger and more durable than their male…

Identify Labor With These 5 Signs

We have a lot of ideas about going into labor. However, most women identify labor only after a long time of experiencing it. If it is your first baby it doesn’t occur to you that you are actually in labor until you start experiencing pain 5 minutes apart.

If My Husband And I Want To Conceive A Boy, Does His Sperm Count Have To Be High?

“I am pretty sure that my husband has a low sperm count. I believe this for a couple of reasons. First of all, we are having some trouble getting pregnant. We have been trying for eight months and I am still not pregnant. Second, his brother and wife had to do fertility treatments in order to become pregnant because his brother had low sperm count. So I am afraid that this condition has run in my husband’s family and now his sperm count is low. We are wanting a boy baby. But I have read that a high sperm count makes this more likely and that a low sperm count makes girls more likely. Is this true? And, if so, what can I do about it?”

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