Pregnant After Unexplained Infertility | My first positive pregnancy test

A Closer Look at Abortion

A woman undergoing abortion can have various difficulties. Here is a look at what happens to women generally after abortion.

Why Abortions Happen Today

Many women undergo abortion these days. Here is a look at what makes pregnant women opt for undergoing an abortion.

Preparing Financially for a Baby

A baby will cause your income to drop and your expenses to rise. This article guides you through how to prepare your finances and budget for a beautiful baby.

The 411 on Ovulation Predictor Kits: Which OPK Is the Best?

When trying to conceive, ovulation predictor test kits, also known as OPK’s, are a woman’s best friend. They are used to determine your most fertile days and when ovulation is about to begin. Most tests come with test strips and a plastic urine collection cup and can be purchased in most drug stores and grocery stores.

Infertility Testing: Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Test Explained

Many women struggle with infertility. Some have issues that cause infertility while others have unexplained infertility meaning there is no explanation why she is experiencing difficulties getting pregnant.

Trying to Get Pregnant? Sleep and Counting Sheep Is Key

Many women who are trying to conceive don’t think about the connection between sleeping and women’s fertility. Not getting enough sleep can actually throw your entire body off making it more difficult to conceive. Trying to get pregnant can be extremely stressful and stress is the leading cause of insomnia or not getting enough sleep.

7 Miracle Foods That Help Prevent Miscarriages

You need to be healthy in order to be fertile. By eating certain foods you are providing your body with the nutrients it needs to foster the healthy development of an embryo that will implant successfully.

How My Partner Sold Me the Idea of Homebirth

Homebirth was never a consideration for me before the birth of my first child. I was pretty certain that a hospital was the safest and only place to have a baby. After experiencing a less than optimal hospital experience first time around, my partner was intent on trying for a homebirth with our second child. This is the story about how she changed my once closed mind and allowed me to experience something I will never forget.

Pregnancy Care Tips For Exercising

Pregnancy is that blessed phase of life which every woman loves in spite of all the odds it accompanies, and every man dreams of, knowing how much inconvenience it will cause to his beloved wife. All the couples going through this wonderful period try to make it easier for them. One of the ways to do so is through regular exercise.

4 Causes Of Infertility

Why does infertility happen? There could be so many questions that people have regarding fertility and infertility. People may not know that they have infertility issues till much later in life. Suddenly, when it is time to have a baby, it just does not happen. To further complicate matters or to make the situation very challenging, it may seem as if all the people around a person going through infertility may be getting pregnant. There could be infertility in women and in men. There are different reasons why fertility could occur.

What You Need To Know About Fertility

Children are bundles of joy and they bring unity in a family. Although, this is the case, the main problem is that not everyone can be pregnant. Pregnancy problems are brought about by a number of factors such as: age, health problems and lifestyle factors. The good side is that there are a number of solutions to these problems.

When Should You Use Medication When It Comes to Abortion?

When should you decide to take medications? Abortion is not always a pleasant experience and you need to take precautions.

What Are the Side Effects of Abortion?

What are the side effects of abortion that you should be aware about? Here is a look.

How To Be An Egg Recipient

For many couples who have struggled with infertility issues, the journey as been stressful, long, and very emotional. Many women who find that female egg donation is necessary for them to be able to conceive have spent years trying to get pregnant and have had miscarriages along with the physical and psychological trauma caused by infertility.

Egg Donation – A Nice Compensation Plan

There is a ton of different ways that you can put extra money in your pocket. Every single day there are people who complete these various activities and do just that. From working online to taking surveys and all in between, there are many ways that you can find yourself with extra cash. However, most of these opportunities, while providing cash for your bank account, usually stop benefiting you there.

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