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Early Surgical Abortion – An Option

What are the surgical methods used in case of abortion? Here is a look at the different methods.

The Arguments For and Against Abortion

People tend to form their own opinion about abortion. However, we need to take a look at both sides. Here is an article that does that in detail.

A Look at Why Abortions Take Place

How complicated is abortion? What should you take care of when you undergo the process? Here is a look.

Why Do Women Choose Abortion? A Look

This article looks at why women undergo abortion. While abortion has been there for decades, it has increased in numbers down the years. Here is a look at the phenomenon.

Choosing Your Baby’s Gender – Girl or Boy, But Definitely Not Intersex

Are you pregnant for the third, fourth, or fifth time, waiting for that baby girl, or baby boy? Do you have two beautiful and smart daughters and you think that you now deserve to have that baby boy to complete the family?

Does My Diet Matter If I’m Trying to Pick My Baby’s Gender?

Gender selection of children is a controversial topic, particularly in terms of genetic therapy and the ethics of picking the sex of your child. While there certainly have been advances in the field of genetics, there are actually some natural and completely ethical things that you can do that will increase the likelihood of selecting a gender for your child.

Health Risks and Side Effects of Abortion

What are the side effects of abortion? What do you need to know about abortion? Here’s a look.

If I Want To Give Birth In The Summer, When Should I Attempt To Conceive?

I sometimes hear from folks who have pinpointed what they believe will be a nice, convenient time to give birth. In their own minds, they have the time period in which they would like for their baby to be born. And now, they want to know when to conceive in order to make this happen. I might hear a comment like: “I am a teacher so it is very important that I am able to have a summer baby. If I conceive in the summer, then I will already be off of school and won’t have to take maternity leave in the beginning of the school year. My school year ends the second week of June and starts back up in early August. What is the best time for me to conceive in order to get the summer baby that I want?”

Chiropractic Care Of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Many women suffer with lower back pain during their pregnancy. A chiropractic approach during pregnancy to treat lower back pain is a practical, drug-free, safe, effective way to manage and care for this very common complaint.

What Is The Earliest Pregnancy Test For Detecting Pregnancy?

If there is one question hopeful moms ask, it’s which pregnancy test is the earliest pregnancy test to detect pregnancy. Even though most women find out they are pregnant by the time they are four weeks along, it’s not soon enough for women who’ve been trying to become pregnant and are beyond excited about the prospect of becoming a mom and welcoming a new baby into the world.

Positive Pregnancy Test After 3 Weeks – Now What?

A positive pregnancy test is one of those moments in life when you just have to stop for a moment and stare at what’s right in front of you. You might not believe it because you’ve been longing for it. Finally, the wait is over. You’ve reached the end of this particular milestone; you are pregnant. Now you have to go through the next nine months, reaching small milestones as you go until you finally meet the baby you want so much.

Are Hospital Pregnancy Test Better Than Home Pregnancy Test?

If you are trying and you suspect your might be pregnant, you will want to take a pregnancy test. However, which pregnancy test will you take? You can take an at-home pregnancy test that tests your urine for the pregnancy hormone hCG to see if you are pregnant. You can also go to your doctor or local hospital to take a hospital pregnancy test that is designed to check your blood for the pregnancy hormone hCG. What’s the difference? The answer is not as simple as you might think when it comes to a hospital pregnancy test vs. an at-home pregnancy test.

False Positive Pregnancy Test Before and After Your Period

Nothing is as devastating for a hopeful mother-to-be than to see the negative results of a false pregnancy test. Unless, of course, you are one of the very few women who experience a false positive pregnancy test result. It’s not common, but it does happen. A false positive pregnancy test can mean several things. Before getting into that, it’s imperative that you know what a false positive test is. It is an at-home pregnancy test that tells you that you are pregnant when you are not pregnant. Unfortunately, it’s often very difficult to know whether or not you are experiencing a false positive pregnancy test result. If you’ve been trying and you see a positive result, you think you are pregnant. Unfortunately, it might be a while before you know you are not pregnant.

Evaporation Line On Pregnancy Test – Read The Instructions To Avoid These Lines

Many women think they know all there is to know about at-home pregnancy tests, but many women find that they are unfamiliar with an evaporation line on a pregnancy test. It happens frequently and the result is often devastating to women who didn’t realize this was a possibility until they see their doctor or take a secondary test.

Pregnancy Gender Tests – Is Your Baby A Little Boy Or Girl?

Pregnancy is really nothing but a waiting game for expectant parents. You wait until the right time to try and conceive a child. You wait until the right time to take a pregnancy test. You wait to see the doctor. You wait to find out the gender of the baby. You wait for the baby to arrive. There is a lot of waiting in pregnancy, but perhaps the most exciting part of having a baby – other than actually giving birth and holding your new baby for the first time – is finding out the gender of your baby.

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