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Great Tips For Those Who Are Pregnant

When you know you’re going to have a baby, you won’t know everything about pregnancy at first. You will still likely have a lot of questions during your third pregnancy, because this topic is a very complex one. Keep the information shared here in mind to help make for a better pregnancy.

Why Home Birth Studies Matter for You

A landmark study on home birth published earlier this year provides statistics which differ dramatically from statistics on hospital-based births. If you are a pregnant woman who would never consider having a home birth, why should this study be of interest to you? Because it shows a lot about the hospital care you are choosing too.

Why Women Donate Eggs

There’s a misconception out there that woman only donate eggs to complete strangers out of desperation and a way to earn some extra money. This isn’t the case.

4 Benefits of Abortion Pills: A Look

Terminating a pregnancy can be a tough decision for a woman. There are a lot of things she has to consider. While the view of society is one aspect she has to take care of her health too.

Different Contraceptive Methods Today

Why do people undergo abortion? Yes, there can be a plethora of reasons but the most common reason seems to be unplanned pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancies can result due to a number of reasons.

Why Do You Need to Take Abortion Pills?

Abortion is the term given to a termination of pregnancy. The earlier the abortion is carried out, more the chance of carrying it out successfully. Though there are many methods to terminate a pregnancy; one of the best and safest methods to do so is by taking these pills prescribed by the doctor and are available at all medicine stores easily.

Amazing Abortion Statistics That You Need to Know

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of life for any woman but many women have to undergo an abortion. Though many people are strictly against abortion, it is no longer considered a sin in today’s world. Let’s face it.

5 Ways to Help Increase Fertility

There are several health complications that can have a negative impact on fertility and the ability to conceive. Even minor stress can make it more difficult to get pregnant.

Cord Blood – A Precious Gift to Your Child

Are you expecting a child? Wow, it’s a blissful time in your whole life. Just enjoy the moments with your little one and feel ecstatic.

How Is Castor Oil Useful During Pregnancy?

Castor oil is one of the most widely used home ingredients, used in tackling almost every type of health problem. As it turns out, castor oil is also useful during the pregnancy of a woman because of its peculiar characteristics. Since ages, castor oil is known to have been used for curing constipation and inducing vomiting if required.

5 Reasons for Abortion

For a lot of people, abortion is unacceptable. It is considered a sin by many religions and remains a controversial topic for debate. Abortion is a sensitive topic, and although it is never an easy decision, thousands of women across the world have made a choice for different reasons.

Silent Screams of Murder

The decision to have an abortion is extremely personal and varies drastically from individual to individual. If you are considering an abortion, think carefully about how this might affect you in the future.

How to Find the Most Flattering Look in Maternity Stores

Shopping in maternity stores can seem daunting as your body is changing and it can be difficult to know how to accentuate your curves or even draw some attention away from your belly. Here are some helpful hints to help you elongate your look, draw attention elsewhere, or flaunt your natural shape.

Treating Yeast Infections During Pregnancy With Safe Remedies

It is not easy to find treatments for yeast infections when you are pregnant. This article explores options that you can use safely to keep the Candida growth under control.

Is Consuming Apples A Good Idea When You Want A Boy Baby? When Should You Be Eating Them?

I sometimes hear from folks who are trying to conceive the gender of their choice and who have heard old wives tales or advice about certain foods that they need to eat in order to reach their goals. I’ve heard silly things like eating hot dogs to get a girl baby or cough drops to get a boy baby. All of this “advice” is based on the idea of changing your vaginal PH in order to make it more friendly or hostile to the man’s sperm. For example, if you wanted a boy baby, you’d want to make your vaginal PH hostile to girl sperm and friendly to boy sperm. The opposite is true if you are going for a girl baby. Many people hope that they can simply eat one food and have this happen. So I might hear from someone who says: “I am trying to conceive a boy baby. I’d like to conceive this week. How many days before sex should I eat an apple? My aunt told me that eating an apple before conception will get me a boy baby.”

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