How to Thicken your Uterine Lining | 7 Natural Ways

If I Don’t Know When Ovulation Has Or Is Going To Happen, When Should I Attempt To Conceive?

I sometimes hear from people who suspect that their ovulation date is going to be very important when they are attempting to choose their baby’s gender. However, not every one is fully aware when they ovulate, especially if their ovulation schedule is erratic or if they have just decided that they want to conceive. Understandably, once the decision to go ahead and try to have a baby or become pregnant has been made, most people want to get started as quickly as possible.

It’s Still OK To Eat Chocolate! The List Of Do’s And Don’ts When Pregnant

If you’re pregnant you’ve probably done a little research on that ever changing list of what we can and can’t do. Before you throw your hands up in exasperation, (apparently even air freshener is now on the use with caution list) get a cup of herbal tea and read a light hearted approach to pregnancy and what you shouldn’t be doing. Remember that you’re human; life doesn’t stop and you don’t go into an incubator for nine months. Our regular stress, laughter and issues are still there we just have to deal with it on limited caffeine, no wine and the knowledge that in nine months its all going to be worthwhile.

10 Symptoms Of Pregnancy That Are Commonly Known To Appear

Whether you think you might be pregnant or you’re just interested in knowing what to look out for when you’re attempting to conceive, there are always telltale signs that indicate pregnancy. In some cases, symptoms of pregnancy can appear in just the first few weeks after conception. These are 10 symptoms of pregnancy that are commonly known to appear with expectant mothers.

Negative Pregnancy Test But No Period Or Symptoms?

Getting a negative pregnancy test is quite disappointing especially if you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. At the same time, finding out your pregnancy test is negative can be a relief if you have no plans of having a baby. Either way, getting a negative pregnancy test can be a real dilemma to many women, for that reason, it is important that every woman learns some tips on how she can handle false alarms as well as negative results. The first tip of getting rid of the false alarms is to ensure that you check with your doctor and have him or her administer a blood pregnancy test. Unlike the urine pregnancy test, with the blood pregnancy test results can never go wrong. However, if you opt for the home pregnancy test, then have it confirmed by a doctor for the second time just to be sure.

What Are The Causes Of Infertility In Both Men And Women

When you’re hoping for a positive result on a home pregnancy test, it can be a difficult moment to receive a negative result. With television shows that highlight the lives of teens who became pregnant so easily without even trying and magazine covers highlighting the newest pregnancy for a mother who already has a dozen or more children, you might think getting pregnant is much easier than it actually is. While your negative pregnancy test might be nothing more than a sign you didn’t plan your intercourse accordingly this month, it may be an indication that either you or your partner may be suffering from different causes of infertility.

Early Pregnancy Signs To Look For Prior To Taking A Pregnancy Test

Few things in life are as exciting as starting your own family. If you have already made the decision to have a baby, you’re probably feeling both anxious and excited for the day you can finally take a pregnancy test to see if you’re expecting a baby. However, since the earliest you can take a pregnancy test is five days before your period is due to start and testing that early does not always have accurate results, you might be frustrated sitting around wondering if you are actually pregnant. Fortunately, there are a few early pregnancy signs you can look for prior to taking a pregnancy test.

Period Is Late – How Late Can A Period Be?

You might be one of those women whose menstrual cycle is like clockwork each month, or you might be one who only remembers your period is due when it actually arrives. Either way, if your period is late, you will either realize it right away or have an “oh no” moment at some point that causes you to check your calendar to see how long it’s been since your last period. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you are probably hoping your period is late. However, if you aren’t trying to conceive, it’s not time to panic yet. Women whose periods are a little late frequently ask the same questions.

Missed Period – Periods and Pregnancy

When you’re trying to conceive, you more than likely count down the days to your next period. You’re hopeful that it will not arrive because it is one of the first big signs that you might be pregnant. While there are many different at home pregnancy tests that advertise the ability to detect the pregnancy hormone in your body up to five days prior to missing your period, it’s not a method that works for all women. It all depends on the amount of the pregnancy hormone in your body, which means you might not get a positive pregnancy test until after you miss your period.

Tubal Pregnancy – Learn About Tubal and Ectopic Pregnancies

Could you be suffering from an Tubal Pregnancy? Welcoming a baby into the world comes with a myriad of worries for any new parent starting the day you make the decision to have a baby. You might worry that you won’t get pregnant right away, that you might suffer from infertility problems, that your baby is healthy, that you won’t be the kind of parent you always wanted to be, or even that your child will be a difficult child. There’s a lot to worry about, and virtually every parent and parent-to-be worries about at least a few of these things. One thing you might not worry about, however, is realizing that you are suffering from an tubal pregnancy.

Female Infertility – What Can Cause Infertility In Women?

If you are a woman who is trying to become pregnant, it’s hard not to worry about infertility issues. Even if you just started trying, that thought might be in the back of your mind. If you don’t succeed in becoming pregnant right away, your small worry may begin to grow. The good news is that infertility in women is not as common as you might think. Your doctor won’t even consider that you might suffer from infertility until you’ve tried for more than a year to get pregnant; six months if you are older than 35.

Trying To Get Pregnant – Prepping Your Body For Ovulation

It’s an exciting decision. Starting or adding to your family is something that many couples look forward to, especially after deciding now is the time to start trying to get pregnant. When it’s time to get pregnant, you might decide to do a little research to learn as much as you can about fertility, ovulation, and the best way to get pregnant right away. Ideally, you will take a home pregnancy test for the first time and see the positive results you are hoping for. However, medical professionals consider it perfectly normal for you to try to conceive for one year before they will consider you might have a fertility issue. That time frame drops to six months if you are older than 35.

Pregnancy Test – Digital Ovulation and Digital Pregnancy Tests

Having a baby changes your life forever. Even before you actually become pregnant, the thought of your future child will consume you. You will find yourself reading pregnancy books and visiting websites that give you helpful hints about when to try to conceive, positions that will make it easier to conceive, and conception terms that will quickly become a regular part of your vocabulary. Today, there are a number of pregnancy test you can use to let you know you’re pregnant. There are also digital tests you can take before you even start trying to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Male Infertility – What Can Cause Infertility In Men?

Most people are unaware that nearly half of all cases of infertility stem from infertility in men. While it’s more common to hear about women suffering from issues surrounding infertility – after all, they are the ones who cannot become pregnant – the problem sometimes lies within her male partner. When a healthy woman younger than 35 cannot become pregnant after trying to conceive for a full year, her doctor will order infertility tests; six months for older women. However, you might be surprised to find out that the issue with infertility does not stem from her body.

Using Castor Oil to Induce Labor

Castor oil induces labor in women, who are having difficulty in giving birth. Last days of pregnancy are critical. Usually, there is no definite day or time about childbirth.

Pregnancy And Fertility – How to Bring Sexiness And Passion Back Into Baby Making and Becoming a Mom

All too often, sexiness and passion become distant memories when the journey into motherhood is taking longer than expected. In this article, I share how I changed this around and became a mom.

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