Fertility for Black Women 😔 – Why are AFRICAN AMERICANS more likely to battle INFERTILITY?

A Synopsis About Abortion

Abortion has been in the news many times as of late. The problem with abortion is it excuses the woman from the choice she has made to have unprotected sex.

Pregnancy Preparation

There is now plenty of opportunity to read about pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood and to talk to friends and professional advisers. Having a baby is both exciting and demanding, rewarding and frustrating, worrying and yet emotionally satisfying and fulfilling. Efficient methods and techniques help with pain and with any problems in labor. Be optimistic, be realistic and retain your sense of humor as you approach this very important period of your lives.Taking the trouble to be prepared in advance and to plan your future is never more important than when you are having a baby. A little forethought can reduce your worries during pregnancy and in the months of baby care that lie ahead.

14 Weird Pregnancy Facts

So let’s start off with the fact that pregnancy in general is a weird and exciting experience to go through. Isn’t it crazy to think that you’re growing another human being inside you? Mind blowing right?

IUI, Can It Help You?

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is a procedure that involves inserting your partner’s semen directly into the uterus using a fine tube and a catheter. It is just one treatment available for those suffering from infertility. IUI ensures that more sperm are available in the right area to fertilise an egg – this increases a couple’s chances of conception.

Signs and Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

A little less than half of pregnant women experience some or all of the below signs and symptoms of pregnancy as early as 5 weeks. Nearly all women will experience some of the below signs and symptoms by 8 weeks. Remember it’s possible to not experience any of these symptoms and still be pregnant!

Are You Pregnant and Thinking About Breastfeeding? Get Prepared Before Baby Arrives

Advice for mums-to-be who are considering breastfeeding their new born baby. Breastfeeding your new baby may go smoothly, but getting prepared for the issues you may face can ensure you have the best possible chance of breastfeeding successfully.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting A 3D Ultrasound

Find out how to make your 3D ultrasound experience better, what to look for when choosing the ultrasound clinic and get a brief explanation on how to ultrasound is done! The 5 step guide will help you make a wiser choice when it comes to 3D ultrasound clinics.

The Advantages Of Visiting Pregnancy Chiropractors

During pregnancy, it is important for women to prepare themselves and to ensure that their child is healthy. So, it is ideal to opt for reliable services like chiropractic treatments.

Why Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

All of us know that a pregnancy test needs some authentic and valuable information before you perform the same, but none of have any idea on it. Today in this article let us have a discussion about the details of this test.

Interesting Godh Bharai Ideas to Make the Celebration Memorable

Godh bharai is a ceremony that is performed to celebrate the impending arrival of the baby. To make the occasion memorable and keep the guest entertained, you can follow some interesting ideas shared by us.

Baby Heartbeat: The Calming Sound Of Life

Parents-to-be can record and store the sound of their unborn babies heart beat using ultrasound technologies and a sound recording stuffed animal, and then play it back whenever they like. This sound, paired with the adorable stuffed animal, has been shown to calm some babies down during the difficult times when it isn’t possible to tell the reason behind their discomfort.

Take Prenatal Vitamins for Important Nutrients During Pregnancy

Taking prenatal vitamins and eating foods that contain essential nutrients and vitamins are important for bringing a healthy baby to term. Eating a healthy diet serves both the mother and the growing fetus well during the gestation, but taking specific vitamins is crucial to ensure that the baby has everything it needs to grow and develop properly. Even for someone who eats well, taking the vitamins will give the mother’s body what it needs.

Medical Costs of Surrogacy

Medical costs of surrogacy arrangements are high. This article provides some insight into the costs and where savings can be found.

How Many Calories Do You Need During Pregnancy?

The most confusing and frequently asked question during pregnancy is how much to eat. One of the most important ways to ensure your fetus is getting all the nutrients they need depends on your calories intake. Making a baby and carrying it to term is very hard work for a woman’s body. Pregnant women should ensure to eat a balanced diet in order to help the baby grow and develop naturally.

Things to Keep in Mind While Taking a Pregnancy Test

There are many aspects which needs to be kept in mind while acknowledging how to take a pregnancy test. Today in this article we will discuss some important aspects in the genre.

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