FERTILITY DIET – 3 Secrets to get pregnant


Artificial Insemination As a Means of Conception

Artificial insemination is a technique that can help treat certain kinds of infertility in both men and women. In this procedure, sperm are inserted directly into a woman’s cervix, fallopian tubes, or uterus. It’s a simple procedure with few side effects and it is not expensive. IUI is commonly used for unexplained infertility. It is also used for couples affected by mild endometriosis, problems with ovulation, mild male factor infertility and cervical factor infertility.

A Good Diet For Healthy Pregnancy

Just because you are eating for two should not be an excuse to eat whatever you can get your hands on or succumbing to all your cravings however strong they are. In fact, you should be more careful with what you eat because you are nurturing a life in you and you want to give it the best kick start in life. Your pregnancy diet should be good enough for you and just as good for the baby.

Giving Birth Before Your Due Date: Do All 40 Weeks Matter?

Your due date is a stone’s throw away with just a few more weeks to slog. Nearing the end of your pregnancy journey, you might as well have the baby right now. At 37 weeks, your doctor has probably discussed that it’s close enough to the due date for a safe delivery. You might as well book an elective C-section, consult your partner and parents to check everyone’s availability rather than go through the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy cycle.

Discharge During Pregnancy: What’s Safe, What’s Not?

Pregnancy brings jubilation but it can also be equally confusing in many ways. Your body goes through tons of changes, some of which are normal and others that may be a cause for concern. Should you be worried about the discharges during pregnancy?

What’s That Dark Line On My Belly?

During pregnancy, the dark line on your belly is not the only skin change that occurs. Over the next few months and maybe beyond the pregnancy you will have to go through multiple skin transformations of such kind. However, it’s not just gloom and doom all the time. Some mums-to-be actually have glowing skin.

Having A Baby At 45 – Can Wanting A Baby At 45 Be Normal Or Is It Socially Unacceptable?

Many consider that having a baby at 45 is not normal or socially acceptable. In this article, I share a feminine perspective on the topic of having a baby at 45!

What Is Infertility and Is There a Cure?

Infertility is the body’s inability to conceive. It could be due to factors either in the male or female, or both. This is usually determined after a period of 12 months of trying to fall pregnant. The reason for this time frame is because the body needs to return to its normal natural state once a woman stops using contraceptive methods. If after a 12 month period of trying to conceive pregnancy has not occurred then there may be factors that are halting the conception process. In such a case, you need to consult a fertility doctor.

What To Say To Someone Who Had A Miscarriage – Words That Were Music To My Ears After My Miscarriage

Are you wondering what to say to someone who had a miscarriage? In this article, I share one of my miscarriage stories and words of comfort that really helped me after miscarriage.

Simple Pregnancy Tips To Help Ease Many Issues

There’s something glorious about pregnancy. A new life is formed, and new life is coming through. This is a beautiful thing. However, through the 9 months, there may be many issues that you have to face. From morning sickness, joint pain, and more. There’s just a lot of different elements that you can run into.

What to Eat and What to Skip When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a joyous event for a family; however, it often takes a toll on a woman’s body. Healthy foods provide the appropriate amount of nutrition that the mother and baby both need in order to remain hale and hearty.

Does My Pet Know I’m Pregnant?

Are you pregnant? Does your pet knows that? Have you noticed your pets’ behaviour? There is no scientific evidence to prove that if the pets are truly aware of human pregnancy, but there have been many instances when a marked change has been perceived in a dog’s behaviour towards its pregnant owner.

C-Sections and Cord Blood Banking: What You Need to Know

As your due date comes closer, your doctor has probably broached the subject of possible birthing options that are available to you. If you have basically had an uncomplicated pregnancy then a vaginal birth is definitely on the cards. However, C-section is also something that you must have talked about during your pre-natal visits. If elective C-section has already been decided then banking the cord blood and the tissue at the time of birth is really simple.

Best Diet Tips For Pregnant Women

Following a healthy diet is the most important thing for pregnant women. They should have healthy and balanced diets during these, the most important 36-40 weeks of their life.

The Top Benefits Of Using A Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are specifically designed to offer support that is very much needed during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be very limiting when it comes to sleeping and resting, but with a maternity pillow, you will be able to remain comfortable regardless of the position that you choose. The belly is offered the support it needs and you can get a pillow that is large enough to also hold the rest of your body comfortably.

What’s Age Got to Do With It? Birthing Complications For Older Mothers

What is the correct age to get pregnant? Is it between 22-35? Can’t a woman become first time pregnant over 35 or 40? What are the complications for mothers over 40?

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