Castor Oil Packs To Get Pregnant Faster

10 Tips for A THIN Holiday!

Well ’tis the season – I can’t believe the holidays are almost here already! This year I would like to be proactive and help you all prepare for the season’s challenges – overindulgence, overeating, lazing around etc. etc. (I think you get the picture!).

Do You Want a Baby in the Future? You Should Plan for It!

Having a baby can change your life but the question is, are you and your husband ready? You plan where you want to go to school, where you want to work, where to take your vacation, you even plan what you want to do when you retire, and you even made plans for holidays. What about having a baby? Being a parent starts before the baby will be conceived. Before your pregnancy, you should start to plan!

Why Do Women Who Are Older Tend To Produce Daughters When They Conceive?

Recently I was contacted on my blog and asked what I thought of the new data that suggests that older women are more likely to conceive girl babies. The contact came from a woman who had just remarried later in life and who wanted to have a baby with her new husband. She wanted a girl baby, (because she already had girls) and she felt discouraged about her ability to conceive a boy because of her older age.

How Countries Are Putting in Stricter Abortion Laws

Most countries are putting in stricter laws to make sure abortion is not misused. Here’s a deeper look at what’s happening.

Abortion – A Life Ended Before It Started

Why is abortion not legalized in many countries of the world? How is abortion carried out? Here’s a look.

Why Undergo Abortion? Here’s Why!

What do the abortion statistics say? What should you know about abortion? Here’s a look.

Abortions in the USA: A Statistical Outlook

What do the abortion statistics in US look like? Here’s a look.

How Many Abortions Take Place in the US? A Statistical Look

Abortion statistics reveal that the number of abortions has been going upwards all over the world. The basic concept of abortion is to prevent unwanted pregnancy or to abort the child if there is a health risk to the mother. However, many of the abortions today cannot be justified on either of the grounds. Let’s think of it this way…

Acupuncture And Fertility: An Alternate Strategy For Infertility?

Quite a few people are becoming curious about the relationship between acupuncture and fertility. In fact, acupuncture is now the most in demand infertility treatment in the alternative health marketplace. But what is acupuncture, what can you get out of it as a treatment for infertility and does it honestly work?

Medical Abortion Services – Know More!

Women avoid getting pregnant for a number of reasons. Perhaps the couple aren’t ready for a baby. Perhaps the couple didn’t marry yet. Yes, having a baby without marriage is considered taboo in many societies. There can be a number of reasons…

False Negative Pregnancy Test – Are You Pregnant or Not?

A false negative pregnancy test is something most women hope they are experiencing as they see the words, “Not Pregnant,” and/or the absence of a second line on their at-home pregnancy tests. It’s not easy to hope for something so much only to see that what you’ve spent weeks hoping and praying for hasn’t happened. For this reason, women begin to hope that their pregnancy test is nothing more than just a false negative test and they will soon be overjoyed to realize they are, in fact, expecting a child.

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator

There are few things women want more when they are hoping to become pregnant than results as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. It takes a few weeks after conception for a woman’s body to start producing the pregnancy hormone, known as hCG, in levels high enough to detect on a home pregnancy test. While most pregnancy tests don’t work accurately until the first day of your missed period, the Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test is designed to tell women whether or not they are expecting a baby as early as four days before their missed period. To add to that, the new Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test also comes with a weeks estimator to tell you how far along you really are.

Stages Of Pregnancy – Week by Week or Month by Month

Becoming pregnant is an exciting time in a woman’s life. There are a great deal of changes she will face both with her body and with her growing child. There will be so many new emotions and experiences happening at this time that it’s often overwhelming. For this reason, most medical professionals like to break down a woman’s pregnancy into stages.

What You Should Know About Late Term Abortions

Abortion is carried out in many cases. Here is a look at late term abortions and how they work.

Some Common Reasons For Infertility

There can be many reasons for infertility and what you must remember is that infertility is nobody’s fault. Too often people blame themselves or their partner when there is trouble conceiving and this is the last thing you should do.

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