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Does Having Regular Or Frequent Sexual Intercourse Increase The Odds Of A Boy Or Girl Baby?

I sometimes hear from people who fully realize that certain criteria might make it more likely for them to conceive a girl or boy baby. People often wonder if their habits can have any effect on this process. And one of the habits that I am most often asked about is the frequency of sexual intercourse. People often wonder if having regular or more sex makes a girl or boy baby more likely. A concern that you might hear in this situation is something like: “I really want a girl baby. And one of my friends told me that if you have regular sex every single day when you think that you are ovulating, then this makes you more likely to have a girl baby. Is this true? My husband is traveling for his job and having sex every single day is going to be quite a challenge. But if this claim is true, then I suppose I could make this happen. Is it really accurate to say regular sex makes a girl baby more likely?”

Six Reasons Not to Get Pregnant Early

Teenage pregnancy is any female who is pregnant under the age of 20 years old by the end of the pregnancy. Early teenage pregnancy is constant headache for many families that have to put up with the changes. Getting pregnant early affects a teen’s entire life whether they are prepared for it or not. Lets look at the six reasons why getting pregnant early is a bad idea.

Signs Of Pregnancy During Breastfeeding

Fertility dips when breastfeeding. But, breastfeeding does not quash all the possibilities of pregnancy. If you’ve been sexually active during breastfeeding, here are some signs to watch out for.

Still Births And Why They Happen

Still births are when a baby passes away at full term. Find out some reasons stillbirths occur and if you can avoid them.

Swelling During Pregnancy

All moms may wonder at some point why they are not only growing a bigger belly but why they are swelling everywhere else? It is normal to swell a little bit but there are some tips on how to be more comfortable.

Thanks to My Treasure

My wife is extremely intelligent and has a drive and focus to accomplish anything she sets her mind to do. However, there were times she sat and wondered what she was meant to do? Thinking to herself, am I missing something? Surely I am meant to do something with my abilities.

How Can Pregnant Women Overcome Issues With Their Bowel?

Indigestion and problems with bowel are common among people. Women face these issues more frequently when they are pregnant. Studies conducted have concluded that 75% of all pregnant women face such issues, which leave them feeling bloated and with plenty of discomfort.

Is A Home Birth A Good Decision?

Do you wonder if a home birth is a good idea? Find out the facts of hospital births vs. home births and which is a safer decision for you and your baby.

Find Time To Exercise and Load Up On Super Foods – Secrets To Shed Weight After Pregnancy

It is good to be eager to lose weight, but it is more than just that. Losing the weight after the pregnancy is more than just getting back in your old jeans. The additional weight you will be shedding, will be for a life time. How? Read on to have a successful weight loss.

Abortion by Pill Possible

Even though a lot of people are already knowledgeable about abortion, there are still a lot of people who do not know that abortion by pill is possible. It seems that most people are only aware about surgical abortion which would of course require women to undergo abortion through a legitimate abortionist or practitioner.

Best Tips on How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Tips for getting pregnant naturally Here are some useful tips i gathered when I was searching the internet. I hope this information will help you get your little bundle of joy. Listed here are some do’s and don’ts recommended by fertility experts all over the world.

Abortion Pills – Is This Safe?

There are instances when women find out that they are pregnant and instead of being happy about it, they will feel sad because they did not expect to become pregnant. Most of the time, women who find out that they are pregnant feel that the problem is going to go away but actually, the problem is only bound to get worse over time. Even if it is ignored, it will not go away.

Why You Need Abortion Pills

Even though a lot of people seem to be ready to have their own families, a lot of people are more focused on other things and getting pregnant is not one of their current plans. Some people would like to become pregnant while others get pregnant before they are ready. There are always different reasons why women would decide to go through taking abortion pills and aborting their babies.

If I Have Sex At The Precise Point Of Ovulation, Will I Get A Boy Baby For Sure?

I sometimes hear from people who have educated themselves and determined that it’s considered favorable to conceive soon after ovulation has occurred if you want a boy baby. And since they do want a son, they will arm themselves with a very good ovulation predictor and they will test themselves daily, if not more regularly. And when they get a positive ovulation indication and have sex within hours, they understandably feel quite upbeat and hopeful. But they want to know if being so vigilant has assured them of a boy. A common comment that I might hear in this situation is something like: “I am certain that I possibly conceived at the peak of my ovulation window. When I went to bed last night, there was not a distinct positive. But when I woke up this morning, there was. So my husband and I had sex at once. We want a boy baby. I really feel as if I could not have gotten any closer to a positive reading before attempting to conceive. Does this guarantee that I’m going to get the boy baby that I want?”

Weight Gain Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy seems difficult, but it is not impossible. Given here are weight gain tips for a healthy pregnancy.

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