Basal Body Temperature – When to have sex to get pregnant


Abortion Pill Effects – How Serious Are They?

Abortion pill can really have some serious effects on a woman’s health and this is why you need to know more about this topic. Abortion pills are medications which are used for the purpose of terminating a pregnancy which is less than 49 days old. It is regarded as a great alternative to the in-clinic abortion method.

Abortion Medicine Side Effects – Which You Should Know About

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman but sometimes due to certain situations a woman might not be able to go for pregnancy. This is a time when they go for abortion. However, mifeprex side effects and mifeprex contraindications should be carefully considered before going for an abortion pill. Mifeprex is the only FDA approved early option for non – surgical abortion procedure in the first 49 days of the pregnancy period.

Abortion Pill Side Effects – Know Everything In Detail

Abortion pills are the most important aspects of an abortion procedure. They are usually prescribed by the physician or can be easily purchased from a medical store without any prescription. You need to always known about the essential facts and all the major side effects of pills. Even though pills are regarded as a rapid and simple way of getting rid of pregnancy, they come with plenty of side effects.

Do You Need To Go For Medical Abortion Sonogram After The Procedure?

In case you aren’t really facing any symptoms of a complication, it is not at all essential to go for a sonogram procedure after the abortion procedure. By going for a sonogram process one can easily evaluate whether the pregnancy has terminated even a certain days after the procedure, especially in case you are not sure whether the abortion procedure went well.

Medical Abortion – Are You Seeking One In A Suitable Female Clinic?

Nowadays, most of the people are living in a time where people have much more choices in regard to pregnancy. Termination of pregnancy is the most difficult task for any woman. In regard to abortion, there are plenty of procedures to perform. One needs to take good care while choosing the form of abortion. There are basically two types of abortion procedures.

The Working Of An Abortion Pill Revealed

The abortion pill is a simple medication that refers to a drug which is given to terminate a pregnancy that is not more than 49 days old. The most popularly used medication is mifeprex, also regarded as RU486. Mifepristone can be utilized alone or even with misprostol. Just like major medical processes, there can be plenty of risks involved here.

4 Reasons To Have A Blastocyst Transfer

The last stage of IVF treatment is embryo transfer. In this article we look at reasons why having a blastocyst transfer may be preferable.

Special Parking Spots for Pregnant Employees

I started reading a book “Lean In” by the COO of Facebook and former VP at Google, Sheryl Sandberg. She tells a story about being pregnant as a company executive, and realizing they had not allowed for “special” and close-up parking spots for pregnant employees. What an interesting topic!

Pregnancy and the Vegetarian Diet

Pregnancy, vegetarianism and the helpful advice that comes with it. How to ignore the advice from people who know less than you do.

Medical Abortion Vaginal Bleeding – Do You Need To Fear It?

Well medical abortion vaginal bleeding can really bother you a lot during pregnancy. You need to remember one thing that it is quite abnormal at any particular stage. In case you are experiencing it then you need to visit your gynecologist quickly.

Choosing the Right Type of Maternity Dresses

Your pregnancy is not the time to put all feminine clothing in your wardrobe and to dress in frumpy, oversized tops and pants. You can retain your girlie style by buying pretty skirts and dresses. All you need is a sensible approach to buying maternity dresses.

How To Use A Chinese Conception Calendar To Determine Gender Of Baby

Chinese Conception Chart: where it originated, what is it used for, fact or fiction, how to use it, etc. When I was pregnant, one of the most common questions everyone asked me was whether I knew if I was having a boy or a girl. It drove me crazy for months as whenever I asked my gynecologist to check on the sonar scan, he said he was not sure – one month it looked like it could be a boy, the next he said he that he was 50% sure that it was a girl. All my friends thought that I was ragging them along and that I wanted to keep it a secret, but in truth I was desperate to know and hated referring to my bump as an ‘it’.

Things to Consider Before Getting an IVF Treatment

Years ago, couples having difficulties in bearing a child were considered as a hopeless case. Today, couples can now go for numerous infertility treatments.

Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum

Everyone tells you how you should handle pregnancy and delivery. Friends, family, the cashier at the grocery store have probably all weighed in with advice and opinions on how you should be sitting with your feet up, or running marathons, or go drug free, or have an epidural the minute you’re admitted to the hospital. What many people don’t tell you, however, is how to care for yourself after the birth.

Fun With Conception: Ways to Determine Gender of Baby

It goes without saying that you will love your babies no matter what sex they are but in some instances you might want a particular sex. At the end of the day you are not a form of religious entity and you can’t decide the sex of your baby. But, there is some advice available that gives ways to determine gender of baby and suggestions on how.

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