3 Tips to DEAL with STRESS 😱 when Trying to get PREGNANT

Unplanned Pregnancy Issues

Are you unexpectedly pregnant? If yes, then you are not alone! In the U.S., almost half of the pregnancies every year are unexpected. Most of the women, by the age of 40, have gone through a phase of unplanned pregnancy. Yes, it happens! Not all the pregnancies are necessarily planned – people just come to know about them as a big bang surprise. Don’t feel bad if your emotions are jumbled after knowing about your unexpected pregnancy. It does not make you a bad mother. It is common for women to feel confused, conflicted, or overwhelmed in situations like this. All you need to do is to sort out your feelings in order to decide what you want next.

Headaches During Pregnancy – Is It Normal?

Pregnancy is one phase that every woman wants to experience even if they are intimidated by its consequences. They equally are excited to hold their baby after all the turbulence that they go through.

IVF Serves As A Successful Breakthrough For A Miscarriage

The recent study suggests In-Vitro Fertilization to be a major success for the women who got a miscarriage during their first cycle. However, they can still conceive the child.

Infertility: Is Anyone to Blame?

Infertility can be a very sensitive topic for many couples. Seeing other couples have babies while you’re trying so hard to conceive can be disconcerting and heart breaking for a couple. Although it’s a sensitive issue to both parties, there may be a tendency to blame someone.

Different Types of Pregnancy Tests Ordered During The First Trimester

Different types of pregnancy tests are ordered at during different trimesters. Each of these tests aid in keeping a closer look at the development of the fetus and ensuring the mother stays fit and healthy all throughout the 40-week pregnancy period. Read to know about different types of pregnancy tests ordered during the first trimester.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy – Pregnancy Guide

During pregnancy it’s important to consider both mother and baby’s dietary needs, and even though you are eating for two there are some foods to be avoided to ensure your baby has a bright and healthy start in life. Fruit and Veg A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is recommended to boost your vitamin intake, but ensure you rinse fresh fruit, salad and vegetables in warm water first to avoid traces of soil which may contain toxoplasma. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection that can cause brain damage or blindness in your unborn child.

The Long Wait Before You Fall Pregnant

You and your partner have decided that you want to start a family. That moment is very exciting and you literally cannot wait for the day when the baby is born. But the reality is, of course, that it is going to take nine months before a baby is born and the time before conception could be months. What are you to do before that time comes?

What If I Can’t Fall Pregnant Naturally?

There are many cases where women are not able to fall pregnant the natural way. After years of trying with no results, it can be frustrating for the couple if they don’t know what the cause is. There is a course of action that you can take if you’re not able to conceive naturally.

What to Do When You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Deciding that you want a baby is a significant decision to make. There are so many things that you need to consider which includes how you’re going to raise the baby, feeding habits, clothing, health factors and schooling, amongst others. Before you get to those stages, conception is the first hurdle. Here are a few things to do when you are trying to get pregnant.

Pregnancy and Chronic Diseases

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase for any aspiring parent. Some experience a smooth journey during this time, while some may not. Chronic diseases have a great impact on pregnancy, which may turn these beautiful days into a nightmare.

How You Can Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy

It’s an occasion of great joy when a woman gets the news of her successful pregnancy. A lot of excitement and anticipation are built in the hearts of the woman and her family members, who wait eagerly to welcome the new-born. It’s a time when a woman goes through a lot of physical and emotional change within their body that occur naturally.

Can Alcohol or Drugs Affect a Pregnancy Test?

This is reported as one of the most common questions posed by the people who are in the phase of checking the pregnancy results. It is the curiosity or the anxiety for positive or negative results of pregnancy. Similarly, it is the most common myth or misconception that people have in their minds that a pregnancy test is affected by the consumption of drugs or alcohol.

False Positive Pregnancy Test Before and After Your Period and Its Effect

The confirmation of pregnancy for women can arouse mixed responses in them as it is the most awaited news for some and a threatening one for others. Both categories of women anxiously wait before the result appears on the pregnancy test kit.

Dad Diary – Stepping Into the 2nd Trimester

When our doctor said that the 2nd trimester had started, I was a little perplexed and at the same time was wondering what to expect from this phase. If the 1st trimester brought along morning sickness, extreme mood swings and immense fatigue, what would the 2nd trimester accompany with!

Pregnancy Back Pain – Origin, Care and Interception

A new born baby adds happiness in the family and this happiness is priceless. But do you know it takes lots of patience and efforts for a mother to give birth to a baby. A lady carries the baby in her belly for nine months.

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